In a business context, what is “creativity”? Marketing? Ideas? Fluff? Nul points! It is the ability to find new ways to answer difficult questions.

You need creativity every time you hit a blocker in your business. You need it to develop new products and services, as well as the delivery of successful strategies. And it is the very reason that your business exists: if you didn’t have the creativity to imagine it and make it happen, you wouldn’t be sat here reading this.

You are responsible for nurturing creativity if you manage or develop anyone. It’s not just up to HR. So how can you unlock creativity in your organisation?

1. Look out and look up

If you have limited horizons, you won’t see new ideas. So, look beyond your competitors to what is happening in related – and unrelated – categories for inspiration.

Don’t get stuck in everyday concerns and internal politics and miss seeing the opportunities and threats circling your business. Look up.


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