Cutting down on the waste generated by your business has easy yet far-reaching benefits. With waste disposal costing businesses up to 4% of their turnover, strategising for business waste optimisation can affect your bottom line in a meaningful way, says business service providers, Smarter Business. The benefits include:

  • Saving money. Discovering the correct waste strategy both saves and has the potential to make your business money.
  • Legal compliance. Your business has a duty to dispose of its waste responsibly. Avoid penalties and enjoy peace of mind around your business’s compliance.
  • Environmental impact. By adjusting behaviour and embracing sustainable practices, your business has a reduced negative environmental impact.
  • Competitive advantage. The changing trend towards green businesses affects the environmental ethos of businesses awarded contracts and who clients want to work with. Going green improves your reputation and meets your clients’ demands.

If your business is generating an inordinate amount of waste, this can be directly linked to inefficiencies in your systems and processes. Making a change to your business waste strategy is easily achieved and is a matter of approach. This is how you can reduce your business waste and save in 2019.


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