Modern life as a business owner may be rewarding, but it can also be hectic, stressful and overall, busy. Cramming every waking moment with meetings, tasks and deadlines can seem like the only path to success and it can become addictive. As we ease into 2019, business coach and Vistage chair, Chris Everard, explains how to tackle busy-ness for better business success.

The status of being busy has slowly come to outweigh our results; if a business owner has a packed diary of ‘very important’ events and meetings, we automatically believe they must be leading a fantastically productive, successful and happy life both at work and at home. As with most things – don’t judge a book by its cover; being constantly busy can increase anxiety, decrease creativity, be emotionally draining and lead to burnouts. People often keep themselves over-busy to escape the reality of issues at work or at home that need addressing, which can drastically stunt business growth.

As business owners, we need to stop, stand back and ‘un-busy’ ourselves. After all, the ultimate success is having as much control as possible over our own lives.


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