Life is full of golden rules. So much so, that you might find yourself conforming to these so called rules that everyone seems to be piling in front of you. Eating healthy, doing exercise, having a good job, staying out of debt.

The list of golden rules that you could apply to your personal life is a never ending list, because it would seem that there’s always someone on hand to judge what you do, and tell you how you need to do it differently.

But when you compare your personal life to your business life, you’ll see an even bigger difference. Business is like a show, and you’re the star of your own show! Everyone is looking at what you do, thinking about what you should be doing, and judging a businesses every move.

You discover rather quickly that the crowd judging you should be the ones spurring you on, but we feel that the more judgement you know you’re facing, the better off you’re going to be. You have something that’s constantly driving you to do better, whether you like it or not.


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