From tax-free childcare to shared parental leave, these are the benefits all parents should know about – but many don’t

While there are several government schemes to help new and expectant parents meet costs, awareness of these benefits is surprisingly low, our recent family finance survey suggests.

In January 2019, Which? Birth Choice asked over 1,000 parents with children aged two and under about whether they’d heard of a range of schemes and entitlements before having their baby.

Notably, just one in five were aware of the £500 Sure Start Maternity Grant (or, in Scotland, the £600 Pregnancy and Baby Payment) – and only three in ten had heard of Healthy Start vouchers.

We also found that four in ten didn’t know about free NHS prescriptions for mothers in England (they’re free for everyone in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), while around a third were unaware of free NHS dental care available across the UK during pregnancy and for a year after your baby is born.


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