It is an almost guaranteed occurrence these days. If one person posts a negative review about your brand on social media, a cavalcade of trolls will jump in to provide their own false reviews about your products or service.

They usually follow a similar story to the original in order to remain realistic. This makes them hard for people to spot as fake, so while you know they are fake your potential customer base is losing faith with your brand. These fake reviews can cost businesses a lot of money and sometimes can put them out of business, so what exactly can you do about them?

Be professional
It might be tempting to reply in a vociferous manner to your trolls. But that is exactly what they want. If you reply to them in a negative way it will instantly make your brand look bad and make it seem like the fake review was right about you.

It will confirm to your potential customers that you are not a brand to be trusted and your reputation will take even more of a hit. Any and all replies that you give to any reviews, fake or otherwise, should be polite and cordial. Offer to help with any issues and provide contact methods. Dealing with fake reviews requires showing the watching public that what the review said is not the case.

If there is a deluge of fake reviews it may be too difficult for you to handle efficiently. Hundreds of reviews all coming in at once is too much for any one person to handle, especially if they have other aspects of the business to focus on.


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