No one is born, or has a genetic predisposition to become a successful entrepreneur. To become an entrepreneur, and to become a successful one, all stems from a strong mind set.

Having a dream, goal and idea is one thing, but to really have the courage to follow it is another. The single biggest thing to embrace is failing….and failing again. This is the key reason that most people either don’t follow their dream or give up easily. The fear of failing is so immense because it is connected with pain, rejection, embarrassment, and all the other emotions that the human brain tries to avoid. It is also the reason why you experience a dip in motivation, the brain will try and avoid you entering into anything that may cause these negative emotions.

It’s OK to fail

When you begin your journey in entrepreneurship and in following your goals, you embrace that failing is part of the journey and this opens up your creative path and you realise these are instead, a learning into something bigger and better that you didn’t anticipate before. No journey is easy, and business is no different, if you look at the story of every successful individual out there you will notice there was a long journey a lot or hard work behind them.


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