With this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week taking place from 13-19 May, Startups shines a light on the important issue of entrepreneurship and mental health…

The freedom to create your own routine, the ability to take on projects you really believe in, the opportunity to be in control of your professional development – these are just some of the reasons why becoming your own boss is one of the most thrilling adventures you’ll ever embark on.

Yet there are also the long hours, and the unpredictable work flows – not to mention the ‘sink or swim’ attitude – that can make running your own business one of the most stressful experiences to go through. So how do you manage your own mental health effectively as an entrepreneur, and lead a company at the same time?

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place in the UK between 13-19 May, with a focus on body image. In light of this, we’ll be exploring the connection between entrepreneurs and mental health – as well as touching on body image – in relation to running your own business.


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